Not alone as expected

Returning from my brief yet rewarding vacations I thought that I'll find a people-less Software Center. I was wrong.

Yesterday it seem almost like a normal day, offices with the same faces I see every day walking through the corridors. Perhaps people came to work for the same reason I was able to figure out that people came to work: plenty of work.

I'm personally using this 'vacation/work' days to do some things I'm unable to do on normal working hours. Some people may come for the same reason (techy geeks!) or because they simply have no option (overtimed employees).

The best thing is that traffic is low, temperature is cold and it's kind of pain-less to come to the office and write down some code, finish up some things and learn something new without the normal preassure.

And now, to finish up this entry, the nowadays cliche: Happy new year!

(by JCG)

Last day in 2006

Well, this is my last day in the Software Center.... in the 2006.

I'm so happy. Mexico -in the next years- will be a great country for the software development. Now, we need create a big tornado with the ideas of all the people that work in here.


For now, happy holidays and happy new year.

First and brief post

The only thing I want to highlight is that real synergy is starting to exists around here at the CS.

Two weeks ago all companies started to talk about how can we optimize resources, good things emerged from that meeting. We will be expecting results next year's first quarter.

Last week we were talking about a joint project with other company; FINALLY! this is one achievment of being together.

Yesterday the CFO from our neighbor company was explaing us how they manage financial scenarios and risks; again, FINALLY, we are sharing knowledge.

In general, people around here are starting to talk, exchange ideas and work together. Companies are obviously created by people... so we will be expecting plenty of joint achievments next year! Mexico will be leader in the technology development market really soon. I promise.

(by JCG)

One month ago...

Almost one month ago i stopped writing in this blog. The true reasons were a lot of work, and a huge pressure for deliver projects in time.

Nothing has been happening in the software center. Really! NOTHING... The same companies, the same workers, the same faces... When you walk by, you can see empty offices, with one chair, one table, even one flower. Nothing more. What's up? Nothing important really, because almost every company have other offices somewhere in the city.

I don't have camera, and believe or not, it's another reason for not posting. Letter by themselves are boring, rigth? I mean, maybe a book would be cool but not if you're talking about a place. I promise buy a camera within the next few days.

Well, see ya!

P.S. Project Manager: i need more time for this blog!

A day with the president

The start of the day was really annoying, revision for arms, the cars can't use the parking system of the place, a lot of military people dress like civilians, and a lot of blof, blof, blof.

At 10:30am, boxes with red wine Carlo Rossi, cross the area. The WC was occupied for the goverment people, more military and more blof.

A lot of ladys, pass with food.

At 11:00am, more coffee, food and a extraordinary ass.

At 12:36pm, the guests from Aportia, IJALTI, CANIETI and others arrive. We could see a lot of important people from the mexican goverment, like the governor of the state of Jalisco Francisco Ramírez Acuña.

At 1:30pm the president arrive, with a military deploy, and a short speech.

At 2:11pm he left the place :)

Then... the beautiful moment! Cocacola! Food and Wine!

At 6:10pm we can see the boss of hildebrando, pass in front of us.

A twice of news (Spanish)

:) That was the inauguration...
Now we need work :P


My promise, a few photos...

Before (The old office)

In process (Moving)

The last monday :) (Almost happy, in the first photo, me in the rigth)

Photos in flickr

First and Second day

The evaluation of the CMMi Level 2, forwards with comfort in the new office and i can write code in a beautiful place with nice telephones Cisco 7911, internet with good bandwith and a excelent chair.

In the place arise something interesting. Each company, reflects the personality through its offices. Because the furniture are the same for all offices, with the same style in the walls, ceiling, ligths, etc. there is only a few things to play. The layouts are the most common play. Some companes have covered the operative area completely, without visibility to that area they reflects in my perspective great hermetism. In the other hand, some companies, have cristal walls in all the place. Other things are the distance in the distinct areas, the diversity, the confort, the square "mode". Even, some companies still don't know they layout!

For the visit of the president, you will notice that there is no logos in the companies, but soon will emerge the real personality in the people, in order to constitute a real ecosystem (and i hope with good units (; )

I promise you photos!